FB1 or FB2 Rim Dead Lock

These Deadlocks are the FB1 & FB2 rim dead locks that are used by the Fire Brigade to gain access to key areas of buildings or places such as dry risers. UNION have developed this model, most suitably due to their massive collection of security products and reputation for maintaining excellent standards of manufacturing. This model has a 2 lever warded locking mechanism and can be handed in either the left or right position depending on your needs. Keys for this model are sold separately and are required to be purchased in order to allow the fire brigade access in the event of an emergency. This model has a 110mm case size and comes in a silver finish. Keys sold separately.

Mechanism: 2 Lever
Backset: 46
Depth: 5mm
Case Width: 110
Case Depth: 19mm
Case Height: 80
Case Width: 110
Diameter: 32mm
Keyed Alike Available  Yes
Suits Manufacturer: Marsden
Finish: Anodised Aluminium

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Anodised Aluminium